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We are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of Low Thermal Mass RCF & Body Soluble modular linings. We service furnaces, kilns, incinerators, thermal oxidisers, cremators.

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Industries that we serve

All types of Industrial Furnaces, Incinerators, Pottery and Brick Kilns, Thermal Oxidisers and Food Processing Plant"

Highly Skilled Professionals

All of our Manufacturing and Site Installation Teams are trained extensively in house, with external Certification for working at height, confined space, hot working and all staff are passport to safety trained.

We Support You

our installation staff are available 24 hours to support you through all matters of breakdowns. We hold a stock of all common module sizes to ensure that we can get you back up and running in a minimal amount of time

About us

At GA Furnace Engineering :

Customer service and high standards are at the forefront of what we aim to achieve. Our Mission Statement is simple:

  • To be the partner of choice
  • To turn our customer design concepts and expectations into world class engineering solutions

First Class Training

First class training of our Personnel through solid installation techniques keyed to strong Health and Safety policy

High Quality Materials

We use the highest quality materials and installation equipment to manufacture and install our LOWTHERM range of RCF and Body Soluble fibre modular systems. We can install using TEK Screws, Stud-welding or bolt fixing.

High Standards Throughout

We provide the highest standards in CAD design and guidance to maximise energy use. We can upgrade older linings to increase efficiency and remove maintenance headaches.

Outstanding Customer Service

We provide long term customer relationships that forge the best solutions and supply the best support. As well as the UK we currently have contracts in the USA, Egypt, Turkey, Eire, Malaysia and the Netherlands.

Services & The Sectors We Operate In

By drawing open over 35 years’ experience in the refractory industry we can support and improve your capital plant, improve efficiency and reduce down time.
Our highly skilled staff and work force are our greatest asset, with commitment to delivery, installation excellence and after sales care, we can offer our customer confidence


We offer a complete package for your current project and have the ability to support you with your future maintenance requirements.

Brick, Tile & Pipe manufacturing

From shuttle kilns to intermittent or batch kilns, we have the skills required to get your kiln to top working order and also to ensure the products are being fired in the most fuel efficient way & reduce any structural corrosion this causes


We are able to supply full lining solutions to all size units even with the extremes of chemical and physical attack from this abrasive process.

Food Preparation

We operate under strict time constraints and schedules to repair, replace and upgrade secondary chambers

 Low Thermal modular lining systems

 Low Thermal Mass Modular Systems. We have installed our RCF and Body Soluble linings in the most arduous conditions in the temperature range 350-1600℃

Bespoke Design

We use CAD design to manufacture our modular linings so suit the most challenging lining requirements. We manufacture difficult shapes with bespoke anchor placement to overcome Maintenance Problems & increase life expectancy of a lining.


Manufacture and installation of High Temperature RCF and body soluble fibre linings
Temperatures ranging from 350oC to 1600C

the modules can be installed using a variety of methods including TEK screw and Stud Welding

Professional Installations

Brand new furnace lining including 300mm thick convoluted modules, precast pier blocks and high alumina runner tiles.

Furnace Relining

Complete reline to a Heat Treatment Furnace.

Roofing and Wall Lining

New roof and baffle wall lining in a walking beam furnace

Modular Furnace Roofing

Picture of a new modular furnace roof lining.


Our highly skilled staff and work force are our greatest asset, with commitment to delivery, installation excellence and after sales care, we can offer our customer confidence in whatever we set out to do.

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